15. January 2016

Space-saving and energy-efficient
Newly developed axial converter motor extends the range of VEMoDRIVE compact drives

VEM axial converter motor
VEM axial converter motor
See link below to 3D model

The VEMoDRIVE product range has been extended to include also compact drives with axial converters, above all for use in pumps and fans with square-law torque characteristics. They were developed in cooperation with converter manufacturer ZIEHL-ABEGG SE Germany.

The new drive systems offers three main benefits. Firstly, they are ideal for applications where installation space restrictions prevent the use of a motor with top-mounted converter. Secondly, the system comes to the fore in fan applications where the drive must be installed within the air flow. Thanks to the axial arrangement of the converter, there is no unnecessary impeding of the flow. In this way, the VEMoDRIVE compact motor supports the efforts of fan manufacturers to improve energy efficiency. Furthermore, it places not just the motor and converter in the focus, but rather the whole system, including the driven machine. And thirdly, the VEM drive in a greycast housing comprising two main components and two add-on parts is designed for simple mounting and intelligent integration in diverse industrial environments.

Motors with axial converter are currently available for the outputs 5 kW (2-pole) and 4 kW (4 pole). The first frame size will be launched as a series product from 2016. Further output classes and sizes are to follow in the future.

See here a 3D model of the axial converter motor.

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