04. March 2019

New insulation robot at Sachsenwerk Installation boosts production capacity for high-voltage coils

[Translate to Englisch:] Neuer Isolierroboter im Sachsenwerk

With the recent purchase and installation of a new insulation robot, VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH has killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, it enables the electric drive specialist to practically double the number of insulated copper-wire coils it can produce. That not only expands production capacities, but also improves overall production conditions. At the same time, the commissioning of the new plant – at a cost of around €750,000 – is an investment in the future. “We intend to continue with further investments to support our core competences winding and coil manufacture over the next two years. After all, they represent the heart of an electric machine,” says Sebastian Wolf, head of the coil manufacturing department. The new insulation robot achieves tangible enhancement of the wrapping quality for the insulation of high-voltage machines from Sachsenwerk. “We are now even better able to meet both our own quality ambitions and the ever-increasing demands of our customers,” Wolf continues. With reference to the bulging order books, he also emphasises that this modern technology does not place jobs in danger. On the contrary, it is actually contributing to the creation of new jobs at Sachsenwerk.

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