20. October 2020

Combining expertise for products Made in Germany Merging of VEM motors GmbH and VEM motors Thurm GmbH into one company

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In Germany, the VEM Group has three facilities for its customers. In the production facilities in Wernigerode and Zwickau low-voltage machines from 0.06kW to 1,000 kW are manufactured, while the Dresden site produces large and special machines up to 60 MW. For a continuous and competent customer support and in order to manufacture products from a single source, the group decided to merge the two low-voltage facilities into one company. Since April 2020, VEM motors GmbH consists of the two locations in Wernigerode and Zwickau. The production sites and contact persons stay the same. Framework agreements signed with VEM motors Thurm GmbH are transferred automatically to VEM motors GmbH upon completion of the merger.

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