25. January 2021

Built last week in Zwickau: Oil-cooled drives for substations

Oil-cooled VEM pump drive: compact, quiet, powerful
Oil-cooled VEM pump drive

In the special design, the cooling medium is fed through the entire motor via special bearing shields. Thanks to this optimum cooling, the motors deliver significantly higher performance than motors with surface cooling.

Electrical energy passes through several transmission and distribution networks on its way to the consumer. The necessary voltage levels are established in substations and transformer stations, which is done with the help of transformers in which oil cooling systems are used. During operation of the on-load tap-switch in the transformer, the switching oil absorbs water. In addition, impurities are produced by the burn-off of the switching contacts. Both can significantly impair the operational reliability of the on-load tap switch and transformer. The oil must be filtered and dried. For this purpose, motors are used as pump drives that suck oil out of the on-load tap switch during each switching operation, press it through a filter insert and feed the cleaned oil back into the switch.

The drives, developed by our designers, are used in difficult installation conditions, high ambient temperatures or in precision machines.

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