02. September 2015

Frequency converter for the Clausthal University
VEM has supplied drive systems in an insulated container for a research centre of the Clausthal University of Technology, where scientists are working on the utilisation of geothermal energy.

Energy from the deep.
Energy from the deep.
VEM is driving the latest tests.

The bright red container which floated in by crane over the university research centre “Drilling Simulator Celle” was not to be overseen. It houses VEM frequency converter technology (690 V, Active Front End, THDI less than 5%) with an output rating of 2 x 600 kW for a highly innovative research project of the Clausthal University of Technology.

Together with its partners, the research centre is investigating new approaches for the utilisation of deep-ground resources. The aim is to develop a method for the economical future harnessing of geothermal energy from deep sources. The modules combined in the simulator, which are in some cases identical to the actually deployed systems, serve to model the interactions of thermal, hydraulic, mechanical and chemical processes. Planned drillings can also be played through virtually in advance.

The extensive measurements required by such studies must not be influenced by disturbances from the frequency converter. For that reason, VEM has incorporated a EMC filter for the public grid. The frequency converter is furthermore watercooled. That not only raises the energy efficiency, but also provides for quieter operation.

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