02. September 2015

Electronic catalogue VEM.eKAT v10
Online version launched with new functions

VEM Electronic Catalogue VEM.eKAT v10
VEM.eKAT v10

The final version of the new electronic catalogue VEM.eKAT v10 is currently undergoing a two-month phase of pre-launch testing and is scheduled to come online for customers in September.

The further development of the electronic catalogue (VEM.eKAT v10) is instantly recognisable from its redesigned, user-friendly interface. The new design also enables new applications. Important settings of the configuration tool remain accessible at all times via a special menu bar. Multiple selections are also possible for many technical parameters. Documents can be downloaded separately or packed into a single ZIP file, and it is furthermore possible to create a project list with different motor types for forwarding to the VEM sales department.

Now the online catalogue also includes high-voltage machines of the VEM standard series with squirrel-cage and slipring rotor. Here, too, customers can make a preliminary selection, but should then nevertheless submit a corresponding enquiry.

Link to Electronic Catalogue VEM.eKAT v10

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