26. May 2021

Built last week in Zwickau: An IE3 - Ex db (eb) size 90 drive as a prototype

Advantages of the prototype

Built last week in Zwickau: An IE3 motor as a prototype with the ignition protection type flameproof enclosure Ex db (eb) according to EN 60079 in frame size 90. After precise manufacturing and subsequent accurate component testing, the assembled motor was subjected to a functional test in the company's own test bench. Then was the prototype sent to IBExU. VEM is currently developing a new range of low-voltage motors Ex db (eb), in the ignition protection types Gas II 2G Ex db (eb) IIC T4 Gb and Dust II 2D Ex tb IIIC T 125 °C or TX Db. In the future, they will be manufactured in shaft heights 71 to 315. VEM produces the new series in efficiency classes IE3 and IE4. The motors are also suitable for operation with a frequency converter. In addition, the motors are designed in a modular system. Optionally, feet can be screwed and other flange designs are also possible depending on availability in the corresponding size. At least, you can choose between terminal boxes in Ex db or Ex eb. EU type examination certificates, issued by IBExU Freiberg, are available for the motors of sizes 132 and 160, which are already ready for sale.

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