06. November 2020

Brakes for pitch drives

Brakes for pitch drives

This week the Zwickau site produced 40 brake motors for wind turbines. This specially developed brake motor B21R 112MX was designed for the rotor blade adjustment of wind turbines. As a working unit with a gearbox, it guarantees optimum utilization of the wind. In order to keep the power of the generator constant, it is necessary that the speed of the rotor is also kept constant. For this reason, larger wind turbines have an automatic rotor blade adjustment system installed. By adjusting the rotor blade angle, the speed of the rotor can be kept constant even with fluctuating wind speeds. In light winds, the rotor blades are turned with their full width against the current; in strong winds, the blades can be turned until they are parallel to the wind flow. In the required position, the rotor blades are fixed by a brake. This control is called pitch control and is designed as a separate and independent system for each rotor blade.

In order to meet the high requirements, motors must work extremely reliably. Therefore, we build the brake motor with special winding, temperature monitoring, special connection system, UL approval and, on customer request, with condensation drain hole and special painting for offshore use. The B21R 112MX 6 brake motor has been used for years in Asia and the USA.

After testing all electrical and mechanical parameters, the brake motors were given the desired color and shipped to the customer.

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