Manufacturing sites VEM motors GmbH - factory Zwickau

Low voltage machines up to 7.5 kW

In the course of over one hundred years VEM motors GmbH - factory Zwickau has developed from a manufacturer of standard motors to a supplier of customized and special drive units. Within the corporate group VEM motors Thurm is specialized in the performance range of 0.06 kW to 7.5 kW for shaft heights of 56 to 132 mm.

High flexibility, from design, manufacture and assembly to logistics is a characteristic of the Zwickau VEM site. Qualified employees and innovativeness ensure that customers receive sophisticated new solutions and the opportunity for utilisation in this performance range. The development of motors taking account of the requirements of modern manufacturing technology is the focal point, ensuring that existing resources are used economically and efficiently. The factory applies product and system developments to energy efficient drive solutions that provide for the economical operation of plant and equipment.

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