Manufacturing sites VEM transresch, Dresden

Rectifiers, Converters, Drive Systems

VEM transresch GmbH is active in the field of power converters and electrical drive systems for industrial applications. With its history and the qualification of its staff it represents over 5 decades of experience in this market.

The newest member of the corporate group, it has been part of the combined company since 31 March 2011.

VEM transresch employs highly-qualified and specialised engineers in the design, project management, manufacturing preparation, start-up and global service of drive systems, which may consist of motors, converters/power converters, transformers, drive-related switchgears, operating devices and programmable logic controllers.

The focus of activity is upon user-specific solutions for complex drive tasks, such as rolling mill equipment and its automation, motor and gear test bays as well as centrifuges. Standard applications such as the speed control of pumps and fans are also part of the scope of services. Both air-cooled and water-cooled power converters and frequency converters are realised.


Transresch Team merged into Sachsenwerk as drive systems department

Since 1st June 2017, the former transresch staff are at last fully integrated into VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH. A year after the move from Berlin to Dresden, the legal formalities of the restructuring measure are now completed. As the drive systems department, the team will realise valuable synergy effects in the planning and implementation of complete drive systems for all VEM locations. There are no relevant changes for the customers, however, and they can rely on the same contacts and project partners as in the past. There is similarly no reason for concern with regard to projects which were originally initiated or commenced with the company transresch. All such projects will continue as agreed, and the existing contacts on the manufacturer side will remain available for future support.

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