Fertigungsstätten VEM transresch, Dresden

2017Integration of the transresch team into VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH as drive systems division
2016The location of the company is relocated to Dresden.
2012transresch Antriebssysteme Berlin GmbH is renamed VEM transresch GmbH.
2011Following the takeover by VEM transresch Antriebssysteme Berlin GmbH is integrated into VEM Holding as a subsidiary.
1999Formation of an independent company transresch Antriebssysteme Berlin GmbH with registered office at the Elpro site
1997Acquisition of the power converter and drive business of Elpro AG by Lloyd Dynamowerke Bremen (LDW), supply of high-quality drive systems in association with the motor producers Schorch/LDW
1995Relocation of Elpro AG to the new site at Marzahner Straße 34

Beginning of delivery of highly-dynamic AC drives for motor and gear test bays (e.g. VW, Ford, GM, SAAB, Peugeot)
1994Commissioning of first 100 kW IGBT converter for pump drives
1993Development programme for step-by-step innovation of the entire power converter programme, development of fully-digital, highly-modern power converters for DC drives, indirect current link converters and IGBT indirect voltage link converters for AC drives
1992Privatisation of Elpro AG, acquisition by the EES investor group
1991Negotiations on privatisation with well-known groups (e.g. AEG, Siemens, GE, Cegelec, Reliance)
1990Transfer of VEB EAB to trustee control as Elpro AG Berlin
1989Installed capacity of the annually-produced power converter technology amounts to approx. 550 MW; over 150,000 power converters delivered worldwide to date
1988Fully-digitalised compact power converter with 16-bit microprocessor for highly-dynamic machine tool main drive units
1984First thyristor 100 kVA frequency converter with indirect voltage link, microprocessor controls and digital operation panel; in the following years use with standard asynchronous motors for pumps, centrifuges, textile machines, roller conveyors
1979Occupation of the new plant with modern switching cabinet manufacturing in Berlin-Marzahn, Rhinstraße 100
1969Beginning of comprehensive use of the thyristor power converter, for example for rolling mills, cement works, printing presses, ships, electricity supply for electrolysis and DC railways

Merger of Elpro with Starkstromanlagenbau Berlin (SAB, founded in 1949 from the AEG office in Berlin) as VEB Elektroprojekt und Anlagenbau Berlin (EAB), as a supplier of complete electrical equipment systems for all sectors
1968Registration of the trademark thyresch ("thyristorised control circuit") for the power converter system in the power range from a few kW to a few MW

Series production of the compact thyristor power converter EGG for DC drives ("small drives"), utilised in large numbers in machine tool, textile, knitting and plastics machines and exported to numerous countries
1964Registration of the trademark transresch ("transistorised control circuit") for IT electronics drives with transistors
1960Development of power converters with silicon diodes and thyristors
1959Founding of VEB Elektroprojekt (Elpro) with development, project management, manufacture, commissioning of power converter units for rolling mills, railways
1953Utilisation of magnetic amplifiers for voltage setting of drive units
1952Commissioning of a twin-drive unit with a performance of 2000 kW for the blooming stand of the heavy plate rolling line at the Ilsenburg rolling mill
1951Equipment of the aluminium electrolysis at the Bitterfeld chemical plant with 36 mercury vapour power converters (30 kA, 1350 V)

Founding of the "ZKB Elektroantriebe" project office at EAW with manufacturing, inspection and testing facilities for power converter equipment
1950Beginning of series production (total of approx. 5,000 units) of mercury vapour rectifiers (glass and iron vessels) at the former AEG plant EAW Berlin-Treptow
1949Development of mercury vapour rectifiers at "Gleichrichterbüro Berlin-Schöneweide", beginning of project management of large power converter units



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